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Capacity - what is it and how much do I need?

A folder with 'capacity' has a certain depth to its spine and pocket, in order to accommodate more inserts.

Typically, capacity folders will have a capacity somewhere between 5mm and 10mm. Whether or not you need capacity will depend on the number of inserts and the thickness of the paper they're printed on.

capacity and non-capacity folder pockets
For inserts on 80gsm laser/copier paper
no capacity:up to 15 inserts
3mm capacity:up to 27 inserts
5mm capacity:up to 45 inserts
8mm capacity:up to 72 inserts
10mm capacity:up to 90 inserts
For inserts on 150gsm coated stock:
no capacity:up to 7 inserts
3mm capacity:up to 14 inserts
5mm capacity:up to 22 inserts
8mm capacity:up to 36 inserts
10mm capacity:up to 45 inserts

Please note: insert quantities are approximate only, and will vary depending on paper stock, lamination etc.

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