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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What format should I use when uploading artwork?

Artwork should be uploaded in PDF format. Please ensure your artwork fits our template, which you can download from the relevant product page. Include 3mm bleed beyond the cutter guide. Please also ensure your PDF is set up correctly for colour - CMYK colours for full colour orders, no more than 2 Pantone colours for 2 colour, and a single Pantone for 1 colour orders.

2. When can I expect to get my folders?

We aim for a 10 working-day turnaround, from sign-off of digital proofs. If you do not receive your folders within 10 working days of ordering, please contact us.

3. How can I track orders?

Log into 'My Zone' (from the link on the top bar). Click on the 'my orders' tab - here you can view details of your current and previous orders, including their status.

4. What happened to the on-line artwork creation tool?

As of January 2011, Folders4u no longer provides an online artworking tool. We have removed this feature due to a lack of demand, combined with the relative complexity of supporting it as we continue to develop the site software.

5. Can I order from outside the UK?

Our intention is mainly to supply to clients within the UK. However, we may accept international orders at our discretion.

6. Can I use an alternative delivery address?

You can specify any UK delivery address as part of the checkout process. If you need a delivery outside the UK, please phone to arrange this. There will usually be a charge.

7. How do I subscribe to/unsubscribe from the mailing list?

Log into 'My Zone' (from the link on the top bar) and click the 'my details' tab. Check/uncheck the 'Mailings' option as required, then click 'Update'.

8. How do I change my personal details?

Log into 'My Zone' (from the link on the top bar) and click the 'my details' tab. Change your details as required, then click 'Update'.

9. Do you store my credit card details?

We do not store any credit card details on our webserver. All transactions are handled by our payment service provider: SagePay.

10. How secure are my personal details?

We store your personal details in an encrypted database. All passwords are 1-way encrypted. All website transactions involving your personal details are handled over a secure (https) connection. Whilst no system is 100% guaranteed secure, we make every possible effort to keep your data confidential. See our privacy policy for more details.

11. Why do I get the log-in prompt, when I'm already logged in?

Security is handled separately for the non-secure and secure areas of the website. When visiting a secure area - such as 'my zone', or when checking out orders - you may be prompted to log in even if you are already logged in to the main site.

12. Why do I keep getting logged out?

As a security measure (to prevent session theft), the site regenerates your session ID every time you request a new page or click a button. If you click a link, or use the browser refresh feature, before the current page has finished loading, your session ID may be unrecognised, and you may be logged out. Please be patient and wait for pages to finish loading. This can particularly be an issue during the 'create artwork online' process, particularly at the 'select colour' and 'preview' stages, and when uploading logos or artwork.

13. What browser and settings do you recommend?

The website should work with most modern browsers. If you are using Internet Explorer, we recommend at least version 6. The site has been tested with Internet Explorer 6, 7 & 8 and Mozilla Firefox 2 running under Windows, and Safari 3 running under Mac OS X. You will need JavaScript enabled, and the Adobe Reader plug-in installed. These are configured as standard with most modern browsers.

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